Method剑指M勇气试炼 M海拉难度应会高于M萨维斯

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      Well, Trial of Valor might be a smaller raid and potentially a REALLY short Mythic progress, but we can hope Blizzard took the Xavius lesson to heart and tuned Helya to the item level of the top guilds, so that she may live longer than 7 hours. The top guilds made it clear that their main priority is in Nighthold, but if they see Helya still living after EU servers come online they will get interested really fast! So we may see a proper race here yet, all we can do is hope the tuning is aimed at the top guilds and all of their legendaries (that will now be item level 910).

      As this raid is much smaller than usual and might last a very short time, we're going to be covering it here in this article instead of on our usualy progress page, which we're keeping warm for Nighthold!